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Joaru ([personal profile] radiuju) wrote on July 1st, 2015 at 03:25 pm
a trip around europe (pt 1)
I went to travel around Europe with my family for 2 weeks! It's not really the ideal trip for me because I'd love to spend more time in each country and visit museums and historical places, but since it's a family trip I don't really have much say in decision making... We basically visited 9 countries in 12 days? (The other 2 days spent on transit). It was really tight.

I'm not sure if it's an Asian thing, but the tour was devised to be more tourist-centric (a lot of shopping in branded stores instead of cultural appreciation and sightseeing) and that's pretty common pattern among tour agencies in my home country. We didn't even get to enjoy much of the local delicacies because most of the time the tour just dragged us to eat at Chinese restaurants... I hope one day I'd get to visit Europe on my own so I can do the activities I enjoy . Maybe backpacking or something?

I found it quite ironic how the prettiest pictures I took were taken with my phone instead of my camera... So for now just have the phone pictures first! I am writing another post about my trip, which would contain the other pictures I took and some drawings I did during my trip.

For now, please enjoy these!
Austria! Probably the country I enjoyed best. I would love to come here again!
On the bus to Lichtenstein
Switzerland is very beautiful!
We went to the top of Mt. Titlis in Switzerland. It's my first time seeing snow. It's a lot warmer here than below, though.
A farm in Dijon!
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