31 October 2015 @ 03:49 pm
inktober 2015  
I didn't stay until the end but here's a compilation of my Inktober entries for this year! I actually did less than in 2014, but the quality in general is a lot better. Props to everyone who actually made it through 31 days with consistent quality!

My theme for this year is the Witches from a fighting game concept I've been brewing (ehm) since two years ago. I'm still going nowhere with it, so I took this Inktober as a chance to brainstorm/develop concepts for this game. I hope you enjoy them. :)

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well-informed doorstop: art[personal profile] muladhara on November 6th, 2015 02:17 pm (UTC)
This post reminds me how much I love your art :)

I think these are really interesting concepts - I'd like to get to know these ladies and their stories. Also your inking skills are AMAZING.
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Joaru: :D[personal profile] radiuju on November 7th, 2015 05:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I intend to post more to keep track of my own progress! :) I hope that this would be able to make it into a final game one day... Thank you again <3 <3
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well-informed doorstop: happy[personal profile] muladhara on November 7th, 2015 06:42 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! :)
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helvetica[personal profile] helvetica on November 6th, 2015 05:19 pm (UTC)
These are so amazing! You have a great talent
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Joaru: :D[personal profile] radiuju on November 7th, 2015 05:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! <3 It's just a lot of practice :')
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