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Joaru ([personal profile] radiuju) wrote on April 10th, 2014 at 05:02 am
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Hello! Here's some disclaimers regarding this journal:
★ I mostly post about life, fangirling, and art here. Spoilers are kept under cuts with white font (you have to highlight to read them).
★ The posts are not going to be exclusively in English. It's the language I'm most comfortable with, but there will be times when I will opt to my (m)other tongues.
★ I set entries regarding my personal life to non-public because they tend to contain rants about social justice so it can get pretty sensitive. You're always free to walk out if you are not comfortable with them.
★ If you know me offline, I'm perfectly okay with references to my personal life to a certain extent. For example, mentions of the country I lived in, although not what district/street. Please keep anything as vague as possible.

I will most likely follow other people back although I might not necessarily grant access to my personal entries (even if I do, you are not obliged to grant me the same access). If you know me but I did not recognize you, feel free to comment here (they are screened).

Where to find me elsewhere:
Joaru @ tumblr | Joaru_ @ twitter | Joaru @ last.fm | cruxafirma @ tumblr | Joaru @ ask.fm
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