12 November 2015 @ 01:30 am
I turned 2x  
Yes, I still insist on keeping my real age a secret. (laughs bitterly) (Actually it's quite easy to guess from the cut text title...)
I'll finally come to terms with my age, but until then please let me be in denial. (A lot of people I knew online guessed older than I actually am, though, interesting!)

ALSO! The very first game I worked on professionally (Star Wars: Battle Pod) is celebrating one year this month. :)

My birthday was actually on November 9. But at the same day I also ordered birthday gifts for myself and I thought it's better to just keep things under one post, so I waited until I finally received them before I wrote this birthday post... It's image heavy, so I'm keeping them under the cut. ^.^

We went for a family dinner in a small restaurant in my hometown!
It's not a very fancy dinner but I really liked what I had (beef kebab with yoghurt sauce at the bottom of the picture)

Said birthday presents I ordered on the day itself, but only arrived this noon!
I really love my PS Vita, it's more ergonomic than Nintendo 3DS for me.

The inside of the P4DAN Disco Fever Edition!

There is also a PS Vita skin (not pictured) which I don't really plan to use since my Vita's body palette doesn't match it, I'm planning to send it away to a friend. :)

I just started clocking few hours in, and I think it's really well done for a spin-off meant to milk the fanbase. Hahahaha. The dance animations are really great, apparently they hired professional dancers to choreograph the moves and tailor them to fit the characters from Persona 4. They even put an effort to piece together a decent plot (as far as I've played) for a rhythm game... ATLUS sure knows how to please the fans.

One of the greatest things of being in the art industry is having great artist friends who gave me art, too! Behold, a gallery of them:

By my FFXIV wife and best friend for life! It's a puppycake. She has other cute art on Instagram (@goldfishkang). Do check her out!

By my other best friend for life, Clint! I am not sure why a bear... he received endless mockery for spelling my name wrongly. Hahaha.

By my senior from university, Josh Corpuz! He's a real good painter.
This is Marsilla from Dungeon Meshi, my current favorite read!

This is a drawing of my OC gurofied by my former classmate in uni, Kaz!

Last is my Nintama OTP (actually I ship so many pairings in Nintama...), by my dearest friend Michiru!

Here are some reflections and resolutions regarding this year:
- To apprecate and respect myself more. Self-loathing is still one of my biggest hurdles, and I teared up a little when a friend wished for me to be kinder to myself.
- To learn how to communicate better... Hahaha. What is social skill do they sell them in Indomaret*-- I'll work on it!
*note: Indomaret is a famous minimart chain in my home country, it's literally in every nook and cranny
- Hopefully I'd be able to make peace with the awful things in the past and eventually recover from my disorders. I'll leave it at that.

Anyway! That's about it about my birthday. I hope you all had a great Monday like I did! :>