19 February 2016 @ 01:23 am
i love wasabi peas, maybe that's why i'm spicy and salty  
  • I have my final exam for this term soon. YAY! I think I would do just fine, I just hope I wouldn't make careless mistakes. I have kind of given up on my tone-deafness already...
  • I tried watching the Disguiser for the past few weeks in order to fill the empty spot left by Nirvana in Fire. Nope, it's just not as good, even though it's supposedly done by the same team. I have a hard time getting to even episode 5 without sometimes cringing or skipping scenes. I haven't reflected on what made me feel iffy about the show, though.
  • I used to dislike wasabi peas but somehow the taste has grown on me. I love it now. Especially on studying nights, they keep you awake (THAT STING, MAN) and they are... good with alcohol too... However, a combination of the two isn't the best studying companion.
  • Thoughts of learning languages: I got into an argument with a classmate about this. I got so angry at him because he treated me as if I'm stupid, but I know I'm fucking right (even the teacher agreed with me). What he's missing here is how you can't treat two languages as equivalents -- in terms of meaning and intention. The reason behind this is because when you are learning a new language, I believe you should also learn about the cultural background (at least a little) to understand the intention (or essence, if you prefer a fancier term) behind the sentence. That is why "translators" are often called interpreters, because that is what they do -- they don't take each word from one language and translate them word for word into another language, but they convey the intention and deliver it in the way it would be delivered in the other language. This is why most translations are not exactly the literal meaning of the original sentence, because interpreters prioritize the intention/meaning rather than the exact word-per-word equivalent.
  • (I'm rather bad with words, so this might be confusing... I hope you guys get what I meant.)

    SO!!!! This dude in my class argued about something, let me write down the dialogue for you guys:

    A:我昨天還沒念書,明天就要考試了。("I have not studied yesterday, and tomorrow we're already gonna have a test!")


    So yes, we are supposed to fill the dialogue for B. (it's multiple choice) Option A was definite wrong, so I'm not going to put that up, but the dude in my class chose option B (“還有好幾個鐘頭呢。” / "There are yet still several good hours.") meanwhile I chose option C ("那我們現在一起去圖書館念書吧。“ / "Then let's study in the library together.")

    The thing is that these two sentences are good answers in English, but in Chinese, option B sounds like an incomplete sentence grammatically. If you said that to someone, the other person will get confused because they will ask you, so what? Good hours of what? Meanwhile option C gave a suggestion of what to do, which would be the best response. It's kind of difficult to explain this in English... I think honestly Chinese is easier to interpret in my mother tongue, LOL. B would be, "Masih ada beberapa jam, tuh.", C would be, "Kalau begitu, kita sekarang belajar bersama di perpustakaan saja."

    Also, another reason being: the test is tomorrow. Not on the day of conversation. So there won't be several (the Chinese character meant several as in numbers under 10) good hours but quite a lot of hours, or the more appropriate answer would be, "There's still today." Therefore, option C is the best.

    Anyway the dude in class told me that I have no sense of logic whatsoever because "obviously when we are talking about the hours here, it's about studying" and cut me off because I finished my explanation. I refuse to argue with an idiot, so I shut my trap after that. But I'm honestly still offended (plus, I really don't like him, I think he thinks too highly of himself that people like that really disgust me).

    I notice that this is the most fatal mistake that most language learners have, though. They treat languages as mathematics, sometimes it does in a sense that there are formulas and logic behind the formation of words. But what they are missing is that languages also contain the cultural background and origins. The main function of a language is a communication tool, so if it doesn't deliver the correct meaning/intention, then it doesn't work.

    I'm trying to figure out a way to explain things more properly nowadays, I think it's my main problem most of the time. People always think that my explanation is too detailed/roundabout and therefore difficult to understand sometimes! To think that I used to be a national debater back in high school... I think those trophies meant nothing, looking at how incompetent I am now...

08 November 2015 @ 02:48 am
the upcoming year in taipei  
Here is a brief plan of what I hope to achieve as I moved there:
  • Go cold turkey on social media. No, seriously. I want to take this one year to focus on things. I need somewhere to pour my thoughts though, so I'll most likely come back here every now and then. Besides, I figured that typing my thoughts down here is a lot healthier than venting things on Twitter. Maybe it's something to do with the formatting?
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese until I'm comfortable enough to hold a conversation, to be able to read manhua raws and watch wuxia series with not much hurdle. (This is actually a very high goal... if I say so myself... my level of comprehension now is buying food, asking for directions and complimenting pretty girls... yes....)
  • Research on Chinese history, especially on materials that can contribute to the comic I plan to make... (It's a story of a warrior woman and a songstress set around the Southern and Northern Dynasty or earlier, I would not really call it GL but it has the subtext, but I felt that the message behind it might revolve around feminism more than the romance)
  • Draw everyday... No matter how small/fast! Gotta hammer down the discipline!
  • Related to the point above, relearn drawing! Gotta firm up those shaky foundations!
  • Build a decent portfolio! At least something I'm happier with, with a better direction!
  • Get a job! Find a way to live out there independently!
I'm sorry for all! the! exclamation marks!! I am hoping that everytime I read this as I check and re-check on my goals, I would feel the spirit again... Since I'm actually a pretty spiritless person in real life. ^^;

I'll spend the rest of my time before I flew off to plan out on stuff I want to put in my portfolio, so I won't get lost/make excuses when I got to the real deal. :> I am quite excited for the whole year ahead!
13 April 2014 @ 02:01 pm
Summer Come Sooner  
Some updates about life:
  • I'll be finishing school in a week. Next Wednesday is my final presentation for a solo animation project, Thursday is my final submission date for all my other classes, I have no class on Friday -- after that it's only internship for 6 months. I was kinda bummed that my internship will start right after this semester ended (that means I will only have 3-day break after the long journey). But on the other hand I am kind of excited for the learning experience! (I'm going to be an environment artist, from the entrance test I think it's heavily texture-based so it's going to help a lot for my painting skills?)
  • I used to think that I just want to work for a game/in a game studio but after school, I kind of changed my perception on this? I am leaning more towards illustration and storytelling rather than the production process itself. I am planning to study in another school after I graduated from my current university, but some people I know are making fun of how my process is "going backwards" (because the next school I'm going to only offers diploma for Illustration).
  • My best friends (G and C) are graduating this month! I am very happy that G has scored a well-paying job in Tecmo-Koei. C is still going to complete his missing credits so I'll probably still seem him around in school (even though I am taking internship, I still need to go for the portfolio class). I am very happy that both of my friends have completed their academic journey! Ironically the company G is going to work for is a rival company to the one I am interning for. LOL.
  • I have been seeing a doctor for my issues and I think I am going to look for another one because he is just trying to provide me medicines instead of trying to get to the root of the problem. He even advised me that I should avoid my problems instead of facing them so that I won't have to deal with it. I don't know, maybe it works for other people... but to me, I think I should not do that because if I don't confront the problems, how would I grow stronger?

Some people I know on Twitter are already enjoying their Spring break. How about everyone else here?

Hopefully the Summer would be better!