08 November 2015 @ 02:48 am
the upcoming year in taipei  
Here is a brief plan of what I hope to achieve as I moved there:
  • Go cold turkey on social media. No, seriously. I want to take this one year to focus on things. I need somewhere to pour my thoughts though, so I'll most likely come back here every now and then. Besides, I figured that typing my thoughts down here is a lot healthier than venting things on Twitter. Maybe it's something to do with the formatting?
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese until I'm comfortable enough to hold a conversation, to be able to read manhua raws and watch wuxia series with not much hurdle. (This is actually a very high goal... if I say so myself... my level of comprehension now is buying food, asking for directions and complimenting pretty girls... yes....)
  • Research on Chinese history, especially on materials that can contribute to the comic I plan to make... (It's a story of a warrior woman and a songstress set around the Southern and Northern Dynasty or earlier, I would not really call it GL but it has the subtext, but I felt that the message behind it might revolve around feminism more than the romance)
  • Draw everyday... No matter how small/fast! Gotta hammer down the discipline!
  • Related to the point above, relearn drawing! Gotta firm up those shaky foundations!
  • Build a decent portfolio! At least something I'm happier with, with a better direction!
  • Get a job! Find a way to live out there independently!
I'm sorry for all! the! exclamation marks!! I am hoping that everytime I read this as I check and re-check on my goals, I would feel the spirit again... Since I'm actually a pretty spiritless person in real life. ^^;

I'll spend the rest of my time before I flew off to plan out on stuff I want to put in my portfolio, so I won't get lost/make excuses when I got to the real deal. :> I am quite excited for the whole year ahead!